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+ Create your art +

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video 1
+Course Presentation+
How to create your brand by creating your own arts.
Digital art course made with the designer and stylist Vitório Baro where he teaches art development techniques in which his brand was so successful.
video 2
+Art history in the brand  +
How the Vitorio Baro brand stood out in the market with a work of art creation by Vitorio Baro.  
Course launch (limited places)
video 3
+Art in Practice+
Honey eyes art in practice.  
Course launch (limited seats)
video 4
+ Time Lord art  +
time lord in practice
Course launch (limited places)
video 5
+ Creating your arts anywhere in the world +
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Full Value
BRL 2,000.00
or 12 x on credit card
BRL 198.00
Recorded Online Classes
Access from any mobile or pc
Whastapp service 24 988648761
email -
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